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2311 days ago

Gimme 5 Fall Songs


Now that fall is officially here, let’s welcome it with Episode 34. Amerie – Why Don’t We Fall in Love…

2326 days ago

Gimme 5 Sunday Best Contestants


As we get ready to watch the season finale of Sunday Best, let’s remember these prior show contestants. Crystal Aikin…

2333 days ago

Warm Rain


I intended to post a Sunday Best-inspired Gimme 5 for you this week. But, since the Season 4 finale was…

2355 days ago

Gimme 5 Secret Songs


I know you’re not supposed to tell secrets but these five songs are so good that I had to share….

2364 days ago

Gimme 5 Back


This week I’m not asking for change but I’m giving you five songs that are so good that hopefully you’ll…

2384 days ago

Gimme 5 Dance Songs


At the request of one of my favorite subscribers, this week’s episode has five dance songs. If you need music…

2392 days ago

Gimme 5 Road Trip Songs


It’s summertime and I’m sure some of you have at least one trip planned, even if it’s just for a…

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