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MimiSoulI created Finding the B-Side to help you discover the best in neo-soul, r&b, jazz and gospel music. I strive to find great music everywhere, whether it’s released from independent or major labels. I love to create playlists of feel-good music that blend classics with diamonds in the rough. I do it primarily for the joy of sharing the music with others. Throughout my long-term love affair with music, I have studied its artistry and evolution. When I listen to albums, I search for relevance in the lyrics, I notice the arrangement and song structure, and I respect the artists’ craft.

Ten things about me:

1- If I hear a song I know, I can usually name both the artist and song title in 5 seconds or less.

2- I would watch Prince perform any day of the week, outside, in the rain and in cold weather (but no colder than 40 degrees because I’m a Southern girl at heart).

3- I own over 800 full albums (and counting) and hundreds more tapes, records, and single tracks.

4- If I had to part with all of my music except 3 albums, I’d have to keep Stevie Wonder (Natural Wonder), John P. Kee (Strength) and Mint Condition (Collection: 1991-1998).

5- I’m enjoying the progression of the music industry because I see a leveling of the field. Independent artists can now visibly compete with major label artists, which is awesome.

6- I started Finding the B-Side as an outlet while I was in graduate school. I had no idea that my Album of the Week posts in 2009 would lead to this much fun but I’m so glad it did and I plan to keep the site going for many years to come.

7- I keep my 800+ albums on a very large rack. I think it has room for about 200 more so I should be good for a while, especially as more albums are distributed digitally (but that’s a different story).

8- I wake up almost every morning with a song in my head. So, my listening mood is determined by whatever type of music pops into my head that day. I keep a mixture of genres and decades in my car so I’m usually ready for wherever my listening mood leads me.

9- I once wanted a cd so badly that I sang on the radio for it.

10- I can do a pretty good two-step.


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