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Wednesday March 02nd, 2016 / 19:47 Written by

*Mimi dusts off keyboard*

A few weeks ago, a friend told me that I should resume writing on Finding the B-Side. As I listed the many reasons why I haven’t for such a long time, it became obvious that the primary reason is that lately, I’ve been more of a fan than a journalist. Those of you who have followed this site since the beginning know that I started it when I lived in Florida. Almost a year ago, I moved to Washington, DC and my love for music changed in unimaginable ways. My collection of 1,000+ albums is still in Florida and honestly, I haven’t missed the collection because I’ve seen so much good music in person. As a result, I’ve spent more time marking shows on my calendar than I have drafting posts.

But, today, as I read a wonderful novel about a woman who started a blog, I finally realized that I miss sharing music with you. I may not post as often as before, but I’m still here. So, let’s get the ball rolling again!

Here are some artists that you simply have to hear!

New Album: KING – We Are KING

I saw Amber, Paris, and Anita perform songs from their debut album, We Are KING, a few weeks ago at U Street Music Hall, a smaller venue that felt so close and comfortable that the audience could actually reach out and touch them (ironically, one eager fan did get on the stage). It was a highly-anticipated night because fans, myself included, have been waiting on KING’s debut album for years. Now that it’s here, I’m still buzzing with excitement and I’ve told all of my music buddies to put it at the top of their list. It’s hard to pick a favorite on the album, but right now, I’m stuck on Carry On. Check it out below.

You Gotta See This: Todd Pritchard – So Far to Go Arrangement

I found guitarist Todd Pritchard on social media several weeks ago and I now check YouTube often for his guitar covers and lessons (even though I don’t play guitar). Check out his arrangement of J Dilla’s So Far to Go below.

New Music: Tweet – Charlene

I’m still listening to all of the tracks on Tweet‘s new album, Charlene, but I dig it. My favorite track so far is Addicted.


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