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Monday August 18th, 2014 / 12:38 Written by

Aaron Brown
*Mimi dusts off keyboard*

Hello! I hope you all are having an awesome summer! I know I haven’t connected with you in a long while but I’m back with updates and more good music to share. First on the list is my cousin Aaron Brown. His last album, Sing, did very well and earned him the 2014 Tri-State Indie Music Award for Soul Artist of the Year. NPR Music also named Aaron as one of the “10 Artists You Should Have Known in 2012″ (forgive me for not telling you about his music sooner!)

Aaron is already hard at work on his next album and I’m hoping you’ll consider supporting him. Aaron’s next project will be soul-inspired and full of his personality. He describes soul as “ham hocks in your corn flakes, the sensual divine, the gritty-grinding straight up SPELL”. If you’re wondering what all of that sounds like, check out his Pledge Music site, where he has updates about his progress and a blog describing his vision for the project. I’m very proud of him and I hope you’ll consider donating a few coins to help him finish the album. I’ve heard a preview and it really is good music! Before you head to Aaron’s site though, get to know him a little in the video below.

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