Mimi Soul Video: Mar – My Absolute

Thursday November 15th, 2012 / 23:14 Written by

As you recall, I took a break from posting so that I could find good music for myself and for you, my loyal readers. I’m pleased to say that I have found some gems and today I’d like to give you one that I’ve listened to at least 50 times (honestly) over the past 6 weeks. The song is by Mar, a very talented artist in Amsterdam. The song is called My Absolute and I really dig it, so much so that I took out my camera and created a concept video for it. I am learning a lot about videography and I really enjoyed making a few ideas come to life on screen. Check out my video interpretation of the song below. If you like what you hear, visit Mar’s website to download his FREE EP

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  • Miss Mimi, I love this song! I have only listened once and I can’t wait to download. I am glad you took a break to discover. As I watched your video, I smiled the whole time as I am so proud of you! The video was simple but spoke volumes and it was refreshing. It matched the song which was not overly complicated but refreshing. I am looking forward to more of your “finds” and definitely more of your videos. Perhaps you can upload your video to YouTube also? I don’t know how that works exactly but just wondering. Thank you!

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