What’s In Your Bag?

Friday March 16th, 2012 / 14:48 Written by

Back when one of my favorite record stores was around, I used to walk down every aisle and pick up the albums that caught my eye. If anyone ever accompanied me to the record store in those days, I would get teased for picking up so many albums. I always chose a mix of genres and artists and my goal was to find at least one “oldie but goodie”, one artist or group that I’d never heard of (shameless plug for the b-side), and one highly acclaimed album to stay in the loop. While three albums was my minimum, I often left with several more than that, especially when the used section of the store had new inventory. Those really were the good days.

Anyway, today I found a video series from Amoeba Records, the world’s largest independent record store, called What’s in My Bag. I always wonder who some of my favorite artists listen to and after watching Esperanza Spalding, ?uestlove, and Mos Def talk about their picks, I felt better about the times when I would carry a heavy bag around the record store. Check out what’s in Ledisi’s bag.


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