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I credit three artists with sparking my deep love for music. Those artists are Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Whitney Houston. Of those three, I have loved Whitney’s music the longest. I’ve been hesitating to write about her because honestly, I didn’t have the right words to express how much I’ll miss her music. As news reports and public commentary continue to swirl about her passing, I wanted to do a music-focused post to remember her and explain why I love her music so much. This is the toughest piece I’ve ever written and I’ll admit that tears are falling as I type because the shock of her passing still feels a bit unreal to me. This post is more personal than usual but it’s for a good reason.

While I never met Whitney, I’ve been greatly influenced by her work because her music weaves through countless memories from my childhood to now. I got my first Whitney Houston record at age 6 and it stayed on my nightstand for years. I overcame my bout with stage fright by singing Greatest Love of All in a talent show. Back in the day, I made a mixtape for my boo to show how I felt (what can I say, I’m a musichead) and I included You Give Good Love. Even now, when I endure tough times, I sing I Love the Lord and I feel better. My fondness for Whitney has never been about delving into her personal life, as I know we have all made missteps along the way. Instead, I admired her longevity. As she added acting to her music career, I enjoyed seeing her merge the two so well and I was inspired to explore several of my interests too. Those who know me well can attest to my many creative pursuits.

Maybe one day in the future I’ll create a musical tribute for Whitney but for now, I’ll share one of the best tributes I’ve heard thus far. It’s Ahmed Sirour’s acoustic piano cover of I Believe in You and Me. Check it out below.

I Believe in You & Me (an acoustic piano tribute to Whitney Houston) by Ahmed Sirour


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  • I totally understand how you feel. I’m just now able to listen to her music and not get teary. I heard her rendition of For the Love of You the other day and, surprisingly, instead of feeling sad, I was comforted by the thought that her music will continue to live on, timeless and unparalleled.

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