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Detroit native Lorenzo Ferguson, better known as Zo!, is an artist that I never get tired of hearing. As I listened to his music for hours the other day, I realized that while many of you may be familiar with his work, especially his collaborations with the popular group The Foreign Exchange, some of you may not know of him yet. Rather than introduce just one album (he has a long list of great ones), here’s a clip of him working in the studio. If you like what you hear, you owe it to yourself to check out some of his albums, starting with his most recent release Sunstorm.

Sunstorm (2010)
Just Visiting Too EP (2009)
Overdue Process (Zo! & Asylum 7) (2009)
Zo! & Tigallo Love the 80’s (2008)
Freelance (2006)
Just Visiting EP (2006)
Re:Definition (2005)
Zo! Presents…Passion & Definition (2004)
Zo! Presents…Elevation Music (2003)
Zo! Presents…A Canvas for the Adoration of Music (2002)
Zo! Presents…Today’s Ascension (2002)
Zo! Presents his…Actual Fiction (2002)
Zo! Presents…Ablyss (2001)


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