VOCAbularieS by Bobby McFerrin

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Bobby-Mcferrin-Vocabularies-Front600Remember the popular song Don’t Worry, Be Happy? Well, Bobby McFerrin is back with a new album that brings that same positivity. His April release VOCAbularieS is a seven-track gem that’s definitely worth purchasing. One critic has already referred to the album as “heartstoppingly beautiful” and I certainly agree. But don’t just take our word for it, get reaquainted with Bobby’s music by checking out the video for Say Ladeo, and looking for VOCAbularieS on Amazon.


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  • WOW, what an amazing video! I wondered what ever became of Bobby McFerrin – he’s been pretty quite since the 80′s. To be honest, the only song that I am familiar with from Mr. McFerrin is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. His latest effort is definitely going to make me give him a closer look. Thanks for the update!

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