Catching Up With Dexter Myers – Part 2

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Dexter Myers44As promised, here’s part two of my conversation with New York native Dexter Myers. Dexter shared a little about his new album, the annual Indie Soul Mixer and his cookie brand.

Mimi Soul: Could you tell us about your new album and your future plans?

Dexter: The new album, Soul Divo – The Collection, has my greatest hits. I took fan favorites from over the 10 years and I had producer Steve Wallace work on them. I produced a couple of the tracks on the album as well. It’s not a remastered project; it’s all new versions of the songs. I’m always about doing something different and new. In a couple of cases, I did new vocals over all new music. So, it was a very fun project and I’m very proud of it. I’m definitely going to be promoting that for a while.

I also wanna do a live album soon. The international community is awesome and I’ve sold more discs and downloads overseas than I have here. So, a live album would give fans across the world that may not get to come see me here a chance to connect with me. It would be so much fun and me being who I am, I’d have to have my favorite friends and fellow indie artists come and join me to make a really cool record.

Mimi Soul: What are some of the things you have in store for your next Indie Soul Mixer?

Dexter: Mike Ashley and I founded the Indie Soul Mixer and it has always been about artists and industry folk connecting. We’re kicking off the next one in March 2010 and this is actually our fifth year anniversary of doing it. The theme will be Evolution because we’ve been doing this for a while now. The Indie Soul Mixer is the one night that all of us are off. Most times we can’t support each other because we’re working. So, it has just been this awesome event that the artists really love and it’s a laid-back, informal environment.

This year, we’re gonna have a bigger venue, which will definitely have more room for connecting but we really wanna keep it simple. We don’t wanna overthink it but one of the things we’re gonna do is make bigger connections. You know what, I’m gonna give you an exclusive right now. Renee Neufville from Zhane has agreed to be a headliner at our next one. She has a new album coming out and we approached her about having a preview at our mixer. We’re working out the details and all that stuff but that’s just something that we thought would be really cool to do. And, we do a jam session where any artist can literally just come up to the mic and rock it.

Mimi Soul: Ok, I have to ask about your cookie brand and your future plans with that.

Dexter: I was originally giving the cookies to anyone that attended shows and purchased cds. As a result, people were like “Dude, I need the cookies. When are you doing a show?” And, from there, I can’t even remember the first person that asked “How much would it be for you to make them for me?” The rest is history because I figured out what it cost and now I am actually utilizing them as a way to market and promote my new album because I’ve created the Dexter Myers Sweet Sound Experience. It was a series of taste-testing events and listening parties. I’ve been doing a couple of cities and I’m doing them in stages. The first cities were Charleston, Atlanta, Miami and obviously New York. It was awesome because at every one of them, I sold every single cookie and a great deal of cds. Who’d have thought that music and cookies go hand in hand?

You gotta find a way to diversify your career portfolio and that was one of the ways that I found to do it. The cookies have just taken on a life of their own and I’m on that road again; I’m gonna ride it wherever it takes me. Ultimately, I wanna have them on store shelves in markets like Whole Foods and Publix because they’re premium homemade cookies and they’re made with all-natural ingredients. And, I want them in a really cool decorative tub so that soccer moms can take them home and throw a little flour on their shirt and no one will ever know they didn’t bake them. (laughing)

Thanks Dexter for sharing your journey in music and business with us! Be sure to visit his website to keep up with his upcoming events and purchase his albums: Soul Divo – The Collection, Rocketlove34, Eclectic Soul, Six Dimensions and Soul Stories.


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