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Are you looking for honest music? If so, look no further – Alison Carney is here.

Merriam-Webster defines honest things as “being marked by free, forthright, and sincere expression”. Alison’s music definitely fits this description because she doesn’t just sing; she really does deliver honest music. Her lyrics describe experiences that she obviously can relate to and her stage presence exudes a genuine love for her craft and the audiences she shares it with.

Alison is not a newcomer to the music scene, as she has worked with several artists including Dwele, Raheem Devaughn, Choklate and Yahzarah to name a few. One of my favorite Alison Carney tracks, You Said, was featured on the newly released Ear Candy Chronicles Vol. 2. I’m pleased to share my recent interview with Alison, where she answers a few questions about her music, her creative process, and her upcoming projects.

Mimi Soul: One of the things I enjoy about your music is how strong and clear your voice sounds. It’s apparent that you’re an experienced vocalist. Where did you get your start?

Alison: Besides in my mom’s living room with a boom box and a brush as my mic? Lol…I got my start in the choir at Ward Memorial AME Church in Washington, DC. I was also really involved in various children’s singing groups like Revels. Anything I could do to sing, I definitely would.

Mimi Soul: Can you describe your creative process? Do you go to a special place to write or does it just happen naturally?

Alison: My creative process definitely varies. Some days the songs start in the bath. Now I have to keep a recorder in the bathroom cause I come up with FIRE in the tub then when I get out, it’s gone. Other times I am chilling on my couch and will just record what’s in my head. I also like to create with other musicians on a “two heads are better than one” vibe.

Mimi Soul: What’s the best advice you’ve received thus far in your musical career? How has that advice helped you?

Alison: I’ve gotten a lot of good advice so it’s hard to say which has been the best. But one piece of advice that has meant a lot to me was a female indie artist telling me that my success heavily relies on my belief in myself: that people will try to hold me back but that it’s important to push forward and keep my eyes on MY goals. It has been helpful to me because it’s easy to get lost in other people’s negativity.

Mimi Soul: What would you like listeners to gain from your music?

Alison: Hopefully a greater understanding of me as a person. Maybe for my listeners to be inspired to reach for their own dreams. I also really just want everyone who hears my music to walk away from it saying, “Her voice is honest. Her point of view is honest and I can see myself continuing to support HONEST music.”
Mimi Soul: What can we expect from you in the next year?

Alison: I am currently working simultaneously on my album and a mixtape so definitely expect more music. I’d also like to get on the road and tour. That’s one of the best parts of being an artist! I’ve been feeling “fun” recently, so if you’ve already been introduced to my music, expect a bit of a change. If not, be introduced to an artist who constantly tries to find yet another reason to smile through music. And if my fans are ever looking for me, they can always catch up with me at and on Twitter at

Mimi Soul: Ok, last question. If you had to part with all of your music except 3 cds, which 3 cds would you have to keep?

Alison: Wow! Only 3? Well, the first one I thought of that I cannot live without is Prince’s Purple Rain Soundtrack. I need that cd! Next, I’d have to say Michael Jackson. Either Bad or Moonwalker. Last, (I can’t believe you’re asking me to do this!) I guess I’d have to say The Isley Brothers’ For the Love of You.

Thanks for sharing with us! I encourage you all to join me in supporting honest music by checking out Alison Carney’s work soon. Just to get you started, here’s footage from one of her performances. I assure you that her music will live up to its definition.


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