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Choklate’s website poses a question that I oftentimes ask myself, “What ever happened to good music?” Well, after listening to Choklate’s self-titled debut album and her recent release, To Whom It May Concern (featured as a CD of the Week in June), I’m convinced that good music is still around. Choklate has performed across the U.S. and Europe and her songs have captured a variety of audiences. Whether you like jazz, soul, r&b, or even hip hop music, I’m certain that her albums will offer you something good. This week I had the opportunity to ask Choklate a few questions about her music and experiences as an independent artist.

Mimi Soul: Your biography says that all of the music you make is from your soul. With that in mind, what would you say are a few of the experiences that have most influenced your music?

Choklate: The lessons me and the people I’m around have had to learn. There are a lot but in them and from them a lot of music materializes. A lot of the music is from lessons either myself or persons around me have experienced.

Mimi Soul: As an independent artist, what are some of the most helpful things you’ve learned about the music industry?

Choklate: In order to thrive within it, one must have pretty thick skin and the ability to get over it quickly. Those tools are the most precious in the world of music. And the other is that it’s not about you or the music but rather the bottom line as far as those in charge are concerned. Your right to creative freedom is a luxury worth fighting for.

Mimi Soul: One of my favorite songs from To Whom It May Concern is Completely. What inspired you to write that interlude?

Choklate: Sometimes we as ladies forget all the things that make us dope humans. Someone was tellin me, “you’ve forgotten how beautiful you are, how infectious your laugh is…we were eating dinner and he says…”you cook a MEAN ass meal too!”…I interrupted dinner, grabbed a pen and pad and the song came out in a few moments…we only used one verse but there are actually two…

Mimi Soul: It’s obvious that your lyrics show a certain transparency that isn’t often found in today’s music. As you know, music critics can sometimes say the harshest things. What has helped you stay true to your work without concern for what the critics will say?

Choklate: That thick skin I mentioned earlier and the realization that not everyone is EVER going to like everything that you do. EVER. Some will dig it and some won’t. That’s just how it goes. No use in wasting too much time over it either because that’s how it’s always going to be.

Mimi Soul: What do you want listeners to gain from your music?

Choklate: Music can describe a certain feeling or situation down to the very emotion and moment. I want to be that kind of artist for them; the one that can articulate the instances where real life needs a melody.

Thanks for the interview Choklate! Those of you who haven’t already can visit Choklate’s website to read more about her music and you can purchase her albums from iTunes and Amazon.


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