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The funniest thing happened while I was in the hair salon yesterday. Right before my stylist started curling my hair, he smiled and said “Hold on a second.” Then, he started playing Erykah Badu’s Mama’s Gun cd. A little while later, Green Eyes started to play. My face lit up because that’s one of my favorites from that album. But, here’s the funny part…before I knew it, not only was I singing along, but my stylist was also singing, and there was another woman in the salon singing too! You couldn’t have told the three of us that we didn’t belong on stage singing backup for Ms. Badu! After the song was over, we all laughed about how we “broke it down”. That gave me the idea for this next discussion topic…

I know we’ve all had that moment when our song comes on the radio. You know how it goes, you’re in the car and the next thing you know, the song starts playing and you say something like “Ooooh, that’s my jam!” and not only do you immediately turn up the radio volume (or ask the person driving to turn it up) but you start singing too. And, you know EVERY part of the song – that means all of the words and even the changes in the melody. And, keep in mind that although having the radio is nice, you don’t always need music for your jams because these are also the songs you sing in the shower when no one is listening. So, I was thinking, which songs do I know word for word? Here are the first ones I thought of (I just couldn’t narrow it down to 10 this time):

The Mimi Soul “Ooooh, that’s my jam!” List

1. Sweet Thang – Chaka Khan & Rufus version
2. The Closer I Get to You – Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack
3. Please Don’t Go – Boyz II Men
4. When Sunday Comes – Daryl Coley
5. Anniversary – Tony! Toni! Tone!
6. If It’s Magic – Stevie Wonder
7. Do You Think of Me – Mariah Carey
8. This Is My Prayer – Boys Choir of Tallahassee
9. Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This – Rachelle Ferrell
10. Since I Seen’t You – Anthony Hamilton
11. Why I Love You So Much – Monica
12. You’re All I Need To Get By – Method Man & Mary J. Blige version

I wanna hear from you all too! What are your jams?


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3 Comments on ““Ooooh, that’s my jam!”

  • Oh man… “All I do” by Troop, that’s my jam! “Move Your Body” by the Isley Brothers, that’s my jam! “Take You Out” by Luther (no last name needed), that is my JAM!!!

  • I love all kinds of music so keeping the list short will be a challenge for me.

    The following list is not in any particular order of preference, just what's coming to mind as I write this, based on what I'm currently listening to.

    1. Lisa McClendon (Jazz/Gospel) 'Pause', 'Thank You'..and the list goes on. If you like jazz gospel sound then you should check her out.

    2. Israel Houghton (Gospel) 'Power of ONE' and many others.

    3. Jill Scott (R&B/Neo-Soul) Jill is my girl! I like all her music so far. She says what's on everyone's mind. lol

    4. Marvin Gaye (R&B)

    5. Donny Hathaway (R&B)

    6. John Coltrane (Jazz) – I love the sax!

    7. Chrisette Michelle (R&B/Neo-Soul)- young, refreshing new talent!

    8. Raheem DeVaughn (R&B/Neo-Soul)- lots of energy, unique and genuine sound

    9. Fred Hammond Gospel)- my all time favorite male gospel artist

    10. India.Arie Neo-Soul)- laid back

    11. Musiq Soulchild (Neo-Soul)- laid back

    12. Boney James (Jazz) Once again, I love the sax! and I love live music overall even More! I just saw him live and got my CD signed! Awesome show!

    These are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

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