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If you like neo-soul music, I think you’d really enjoy Conya Doss. I chose her latest album, Still… for the CD of the Week because after I started listening to it, I couldn’t stop. It has a certain smooth sound that’s good for any day when you want to relax. Conya has been writing and producing her own songs for years and it’s evident in the way her lyrics fit so well with her melodies and arrangements. It’s as if she chose just the right mix of both for each of her tracks on the album. I enjoyed Still… so much that it was hard for me to select a favorite song. I should mention that Conya Doss has also released three other very good albums: Love Rain Down in 2006, Just Because in 2004, and A Poem About Ms. Doss in 2002. I got a chance to ask Conya a few questions about her music and here’s what she shared:

Mimi Soul: What are some of the things that inspire and influence your music?

Conya: I am influenced by so many things, including my own experiences, the experiences of others. I’m a people watcher and I think that the eyes can tell a lot.

Mimi Soul: It’s always nice to see artists who write, perform, and produce their own music. What do you enjoy most about each of these stages in the music process?

Conya: I enjoy the creation of the music, it’s so magical. The beauty of it all is to perform and see that your music is appreciated by your supporters, who know the words and just give off such positive energy.

Mimi Soul: What are some of the ways that you’ve evolved as an artist since your first album release?

Conya: I have grown to become more of a businesswoman, although it is still a learning process. I have grown as an artist basically creating whatever I feel from the heart, I won’t be put into a box.

Mimi Soul: What can listeners expect from you in the future?

Conya: Just continuous growth and more “feel-good” music!!

After you listen to Still…, I think you’ll agree that “feel-good” is an excellent description of Conya’s music. You can check out her cds on iTunes and her website.


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  • Yes mimi, I would have to say that is/could be a wonderful cd of the week. I am looking forward to checking out what else is to come. Thanks for the insight on what’s out there. Thank you

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