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I recently purchased Adrian Crutchfield’s debut cd entitled, Private Party. After seeing him perform live this week, I had to tell you all more about him. Private Party definitely reflects Adrian’s years of experience from performing with several neo-soul, r&b and jazz artists. He has been the tour saxophonist for Anthony Hamilton and Angie Stone and he has performed with several other artists including Kim Waters, Fantasia, Fourplay and the Gap Band to name a few. His music live performance this week was nothing short of amazing. Not only did he do an excellent job of covering both r&b and neo-soul songs but played them while walking throughout the crowd. It really was a spectacular show. Private Party displays this same versatility. From his cover of How You Gonna Act Like That, to the original track Dream Girl, Adrian provides a nice variety of songs. I especially like Star City and Always There. I got a chance to ask Adrian a few questions about his music and here’s what he shared:

Mimi Soul: What are some of the things that inspire and influence your music?

Adrian: There are many things that inspire and influence my music. But, I’d have to say that LIFE primarily inspires what I create. Everything that I portray in my music is something that I’ve either experienced directly or watched someone else go through.

Mimi Soul: Given your various musical opportunities, could you describe one of your most rewarding experiences (touring, performing or recording)?

Adrian: The most rewarding thing for me so far in my musical career was the first sales of my album. Surprisingly, the first batch of sales was all across Europe, and NOT in the United States. I guess it just made me feel really good that there were people out there who had no idea who I was and they enjoyed my sound enough to invest in it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my American fans, but sometimes I feel like I might be connected to them somehow, like a friend of a family member, or a cousin or something. So I’m never entirely sure if they’re just buying the album to be supportive of me as a friend or family member.

Mimi Soul: What do you want listeners to gain from your music?

Adrian: I want the listeners to be able to experience a variety of styles and ideas without feeling some kind of boundary. My album features jazz, neo soul, hip hop, funk, pop, gospel, and even Latin. My goal was to create something that anyone could enjoy, whether it’s a 7 year-old or a 77 year-old and everywhere in between.

I also want to show the youth and my peers that we can create positive music without degrading ourselves, our women, or our culture. I created the song Dream Girl because I spent alot of time observing the pop culture while I was in school at Florida State University. I noticed that there were a lot of young ladies who came to school fully decked out in makeup and pumps and I would think to myself, “This girl is obviously not doing all of this just to do go to class…” I also noticed the girls who would go to the gym with high heels and makeup on, which told me that they must not be going to work out, but rather to be seen. All of these girls seemed to spend most of their time flaunting themselves around campus in next to nothing just to attract attention from the ball players and whoever seemed important. That was a major turn-off to me.

Dream Girl is a tribute to those girls I saw walking to class with their hair pulled back in a crooked ponytail, with sweatpants and bedroom shoes on! Those same girls would come out to events and look entirely different. They looked sexy yet classy! Never showing too much, and still turning heads.

 Mimi Soul: I once heard someone say that the stage is where music is performed and the studio is where music is perfected. As a jazz artist, how did you make sure that the authentic sound of a live stage performance was displayed in your album?

Adrian: I just had fun and I never half-stepped. I had some of the greatest musicians and producers in the world working with me, so it was quite easy for me to really get into what I was doing. I was extremely blessed.

Mimi Soul: From having a good management team to having a unique sound, there are several tools that an independent artist needs to have to be successful. What items in your toolbox would you say have made you successful?

Adrian: Endurance. In my opinion, endurance is the only thing that will ensure your success. No matter what, you have to endure. You can’t fail if you never stop trying. There will always be trouble and difficulties and these are times when your endurance will be tested. Also, the more you end up enduring, the better you will feel about your success.

I’m convinced that we will be seeing Adrian Crutchfield around for a very long time. You all should definitely check out Private Party and also be on the lookout for Adrian in a city near you. You can find his performance dates on his website and you can purchase Private Party from CD Baby and iTunes. I guarantee that you will really enjoy his music.


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