Back In The Days When I Was Young…

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We’ve come a long way with music, haven’t we? I’ve been a fan of music since the age of 5, when my mom bought me and my sister a record player. We listened to Strawberry Shortcake stories mostly. But, every once in a while, we were allowed to listen to Whitney Houston’s first record. We liked that record so much that it led to us singing ‘The Greatest Love of All’ the next year in a school talent show. Although the show was fun, I’m still hoping no one actually recorded it. You’ll notice that I’m slowly revealing my age with these blog posts, but that’s another story…

But, as I was saying, music has come a long way since those days. Growing up, I used to make my own mix tapes from the radio because I couldn’t afford to buy the records of every artist that I liked. And, the radio (aside from the Whitney Houston record) was about as good as it was going to get because I was doing well just to be able to listen to any “grown-folks” music at a young age anyway. Do you remember the days of waiting to hear your favorite song on the radio so you could press the red record button?

What are your early music memories? Did you play an instrument? Were you the featured act of youth programs and family gatherings?


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  • I remember taping the Come And Talk To Me Remix off the radio when I was in middle school. The first time I copied it, the station did an announcement dead in the middle of the song. So, I got my tape set up just right, for the next time it came on. One evening I was standing across the room when the music came in and I flew to the other side to hit record. I wore that tape out!

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